Tallow Face & Body Butter ~ Unscented

Tallow Face & Body Butter ~ Unscented



We are delighted to be carrying a new line of face and body care that is so so good at being deeply absorbed by your skin…

Tallow is from the fat that surrounds the organs of the cow. Using tallow as skin care can be thought of as a form of skin supplementation just like we take our oral supplements. Our skin assimilates nutrients just as much as our body does by taking supplements orally.

Tallow contains nutrients that can help our skin repair itself which can make it a valuable tool for helping to avoid scarring. It also reintroduces nutrients to the skin that we naturally lose as we age. It’s biologically compatible with the oils our skin naturally makes, which makes it easy for our skin to absorb. This miracle balm also has anti-inflammatory qualities and is naturally anti microbial so it can help prevent breakouts.

All of this makes Tallow a great option for ALL skin types. Supporting anti-aging, acne prevention, eczema, scarring and bringing deep hydration.

These products are handcrafted by Tracey Stirling of Lotus Rising Farm, who has been a dedicated homesteader for the past 15 years.