Rupam's Herbals, Daily Dental Rinse

Rupam's Herbals, Daily Dental Rinse


This rinse can soothe gum disease, inhibit tooth decay and prevent plaque from settling on your teeth at night. Excellent companion to the One Drop Only Dental Soap.

Directions: Shake well before using and add 7-11 drops to a little bit of water, swish for 5-10 seconds, spit out and do NOT rinse. Best at night.


Distilled water, tincture of organic oak bark, myrrh, chamomile, sage and neem. Organic essential oils of tea tree, cinnamon, clove, thyme and fennel. Flower essences of banana, lotus, snapdragon etc.

About Rupam Henry

Rupam comes from an ancient lineage of medicine makers, alchemists and herbalists reaching back 13 generations in Germany. She combines her expertise as an herbalist and holistic health educator with her professional experience of over 20 years as an RDA in General and Pediatric Dentistry.