RUNE Liver Support Soxhlet

RUNE Liver Support Soxhlet


When we drink alcohol there are several steps our body goes through to break it down. It enters us as ethanol. Our liver cells contain an enzyme that metabolizes the ethanol into acetaldehyde. (Acetaldehyde is toxic and is responsible for the 'hangover' symptoms.) Our liver cells then secrete a second enzyme that metabolizes the acetaldehyde into acetic acid: which can easily be converted by the body into water and carbon dioxide allowing the alcohol to leave our bodies in our urine. 

The Liver Support Soxhlet helps prevent hangovers and protect the liver by enhancing enzymes in the liver responsible for breaking down alcohol.

Add 1-2 dropperfuls directly into your drink. It was created to compliment the flavor of most alcoholic drinks. It can also be taken on its own in water.

Ingredients: Chicory, Japanese Raisin Bark, Lemon, Grape Alcohol.