Potin Potions, Remineralizing Tooth Powder

Potin Potions, Remineralizing Tooth Powder



Keep them chompers remineralized, those gums healthy, and your sweet breath OH so fresh!

Wet your toothbrush generously, sprinkle some powder and brush brush away.

I’m pretty sure the extra magic comes from the remineralizing coral powder, the beastie-trapping bentonite clay and the multi-talented, Mexican mouth maestro called chilcuague. Oh and guess what?! Tumeric is a NATURAL TOOTH WHITENER!

This powder will go a long way, 1 oz might last over a month..

Ingredients: baking soda, bentonite clay, clove*, coral, turmeric* and chilcuague  powder

Claire experiments with the highest quality plants, unusual ingredients and witchy intuition to transform ordinary self-care products into something transcendent and medicinal. She makes with the moon and the seasons and with her hands in the garden. She makes by listening to her community's needs and the stirrings of her heart to determine what to whip up.