Mythic Medicine Redwood Tip Elixir

Mythic Medicine Redwood Tip Elixir


It is impossible to not feel awe and wonder when in the presence of redwood trees. You realize you are sitting with the elders, interacting with a deeply grounded consciousness that holds long memory and the wisdom of millennia.

For me, redwoods represent both ancient/ancestral knowing and the sacredness of community. Redwoods growing near to one another are all connected via their underground root structures and the mycelium that runs in between them. The health of one tree is the health of all trees, and they are continually engaged in the exchange of nutrients and information, all for the good of the entire community (and not just the community of redwood trees either, but the entire ecosystem in which they live).

High in beneficial volatile oils, redwoods have traditionally been used to support the lungs and immune system. These venerable tree beings can also be called upon to help to bring the forest deep within yourself, connect with your community, and call in your ancestors.

Also- it's delicious! Fresh spring conifer tips are one of the most glorious wild foods out there, and redwoods are my favorite.

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Ingredients: Wildcrafted redwood tips, vodka, raw honey

Take a dropperful whenever you feel you need it.