Pure Life, Silicone Enema Bag - 2 Qt

Pure Life, Silicone Enema Bag - 2 Qt


Why Buy Medical Silicone Enema Bags vs. Red Rubber Latex Type Bags?

 1)  Red rubber latex enema bags found in drugstores are not the same as silicone.  Rubber latex will degrade and break down over time, whereas silicone does not.

2)  Medical Grade Silicone material is a higher grade material which is see-through.  This makes for easy monitoring of the solution level, and being able to see any bacteria growth occurring inside the bag.

3)  You can put any type of enema solution into the bag.  

4)  Our silicone enema bag is latex and BPA free!  We recommend silicone for anyone who has chemical sensitivities, and/or who is allergic to latex materials.

5)  Our silicone bag has a larger neck opening for easy cleaning inside.



 2 Qt  Silicone Enema Bag with wide mouth opening

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