Pure Life, Enema Bucket (plastic)

Pure Life, Enema Bucket (plastic)


Side Spigot for Easy Flow

1200ML Holds 5 cups of solution

If you wanted a better plastic enema bucket kit that has a softer vinyl long tubing that won't curl and kink, AND a good quality roller clamp for adjusting the flow easily, this is the enema kit for you!

We also like the enema tip that attaches to the tubing, as well as your ability to use a red colon tube that attaches directly to the tube.


Non Toxic BPA Free Plastic Enema Bucket with Lid - 1200 Ml - Holds 5 cups of solution

Long Non-Kinking and Non-Twisting Enema Tubing

Roller Style (Ramp) Clamp - Enables Solution Flow To Be Fully Adjustable

Tapered Soft Vinyl Enema Tip

Red Colon Tube - 16" x 18FR

S Hook for Hanging

Very Easy To Use Kit