Pure Life, Coffee Enema 10X Ultra Fine Strainer

Pure Life, Coffee Enema 10X Ultra Fine Strainer


PureLife Deluxe Stainless Steel 10x Ultra Fine Mesh Coffee Enema Strainer is now available for coffee enemas.

This is an original Purelife Product. We are the first to design a microscopic mesh strainer especially for coffee enema use. We created the coffee enema strainer to fit perfectly on top of our Purelife Enema Buckets. You will see that it is the perfect size to sit on top of our 2.2 quart and our 1.5 quart enema buckets. This strainer is not like the one you already have in your kitchen . This strainer is different and 10 times better! The one you have in your kitchen is not designed to strain coffee grounds. Ours is ! That's why we refer to it as a microscopic strainer. You will be amazed to see how it keeps even the smallest coffee grounds out of your solution!

If you are wondering if you really need a strainer to do coffee enemas the answer is yes! You don't want coffee grounds in your solution. Save yourself the time and shipping costs by ordering it now with your current order. You'll be happy that you did!

For those of you ordering our 1.25 qt. usa bucket- The strainer will be a little wider than your bucket but will still work great in holding back the grounds.

Made of 304 grade stainless steel
10 x Ultra Fine microscopic Mesh
Resting ring with handles
Made especially for coffee enemas
Only available thru Purelife Enema
Measures 5"/13cm diameter