Potin Potions, Créme Fraiche

Potin Potions, Créme Fraiche



Tulsi Immortelle

Creme Fraîche for the Face

One of our personal favorites!!

Featuring all our favorite superstars of skin care. Immortelle (Helicrysum Italicum) (from my mama’s garden in Provence): as powerful as the sun and valuable as gold, this mama will heal marks and wrinkles and help relax aging skin, also powerful to heal burns. Jojoba infused calendula, rosehip, coconut oil and tulsi will all help with blemishes, acne, dryness, redness and goodness. We made the tulsi hydrosol from plants we respectfully grew.

For a light refresh, take a tiny bit and rub it into your clean face.

For deep nightime nourishment, massage cream into face, neck and torso. Let it sink in. Keep the cream in the fridge when temps are higher than 65F. ULBW.

Ingredients: Immortelle (helichrysim italicum)* infused olive oil, rosehip* oil, calendula infused jojoba* oil, coconut * oil, homegrown tulsi* hydrosol, beeswax, tulsi EO.

Claire experiments with the highest quality plants, unusual ingredients and witchy intuition to transform ordinary self-care products into something transcendent and medicinal. She makes with the moon and the seasons and with her hands in the garden. She makes by listening to her community's needs and the stirrings of her heart to determine what to whip up.