Codes of the Muse, Mother Mary Womb Balancer

Codes of the Muse, Mother Mary Womb Balancer


Raspberry leaf brings important antioxidants & vitamin C to the body, and lightens or even offsets menstrual bleeding. It also contains fragarine, a plant compound known to tone the pelvic floor and uterus. Combined with Fennel and Cramp Bark, these herb's anti-spasmodic qualities seriously help relieve cramping and pain.

Red Clover is a blood purifier and lymphatic cleaner, helping your body remove toxins as it shed's layers of the uterine wall. It also helps alleviate breast tenderness and other PMS symptoms.

Yarrow is an all-around incredible plant ally that aids with everything from fever and common cold, to lowering blood pressure, to you guessed it, easing menstrual pain. It works uniquely with the person's body, knowing when to thin blood or when to clot and thicken flow. It's an intelligent plant friend who will work with your cycle and your body.

Horny Goat Weed helps reduce cortisol levels in the body and thus balance hormones, great for those "I'd-rather-not" days of a Moon cycle.


One dropper 2x a day during moon time. Adjust as needed for your body & flow. Can delay or lighten menstrual flow so best to take once blood is fully flowing (unless you want to delay i.e. for a special event, etc.)

INGREDIENTS: Cramp Bark, Raspberry Leaf, Red Clover, Yarrow, Horny Goat Weed, Fennel, Honey, extracted in wildflower honey and brandy (distilled grapes).

2 fl. oz