Moon Cycle Wisdom Calendar

Moon Cycle Wisdom Calendar


"After using the basic generic period calendar, Wendy ruminated, wouldn’t it be nice to have a better looking version of this thing? Something you don’t mind hanging on the bathroom wall? Or tucking in your nightstand? She mentioned it to Bella while they were at the baby gym, and the idea took root.

Of course apps exist for tracking your cycle, but we are fairly certain nobody wants another reason to pick up their phone. While an app relies on data to tell you how you're feeling, moon cycle wisdom is an invitation to notice and understand your unique rhythms on a deeper level.

We created this calendar as a way to honor your cycle, all parts of it. The cycles of your body are not an inconvenience. Remember those commercials in the 1990s where women just use a tampon or take an Advil and go play tennis (in a white tennis skirt no less) or ball bust in the boardroom? 

It feels tired to portray menstruation as a nuisance to just deal with while you go about your day, as though nothing is happening. Something IS happening and there are many benefits to practicing self-care specific to each menstrual phase.

Tracking your menstrual cycle alongside the lunar cycle is an ancient practice that grounds you to the rhythms of the natural world. There are four phases of the lunar cycle and four phases of the menstrual cycle that reflect distinct similarities. Over the course of four weeks, (on average) our hormones fluctuate with amazing changes that influence everything from energy, to work productivity, creativity, metabolism, immune health, and more. Beginning to learn about your unique menstrual relationship to the moon cycle can be as simple as noticing what phase the moon is in during your period."

This calendar can be started and used at anytime in the year and does not need to begin in January.

Poster concept by Wendy Van Wagner / public health educator, art by Bella Foster, graphic design by Andi Good, created and printed in Northern California in 2020.