Codes of the Muse, Ixik Kab Heart Expander Elixir

Codes of the Muse, Ixik Kab Heart Expander Elixir


Ixik Kab Heart Expander is an enticing triple-thrill elixir of damiana, sarsaparilla and cacao to open the heart, strengthen mental and physical stamina, and spark aphrodisiac shooting stars upon your love creations. With the flavor profile of a creamy, warm, chocolatey-vanilla bean treat, it's the perfect addition for your next big love adventure.


3-5 droppers as desired on your tongue or in your favorite beverage to receive more energy & vitality from the sacrum to the heart.


Both cacao and sarsaparilla contain powerful antioxidants, generating overall health and wellness in the body. Cacao increases oxygen in the blood up to 70%, physically opening the heart, lowering blood pressure, and getting important minerals like niacin, magnesium and iron in the body.

Damiana and sarsaparilla are potent aphrodisiacs to help open the creative energy and bring it into the anahata expression. By increasing blood flow in the sex organs and creating healthy chemicals in the body which spark a feeling of arousal, these herbs bring a sense of being "turned on" and ready for life.

Traditionally, damiana was also used to treat headache, depression, nervous stomach and constipation. Sarsaparilla has been used for rheumatism (inflammation and achy joints) and skin ailments.

INGREDIENTS: Damiana Flower, Cacao Seed, and Sarsaparilla Bark, Honey extracted in Brandy (distilled grapes). 

2 fl. oz