Codes of the Muse, Isis Visions Blue Lotus Elixir

Codes of the Muse, Isis Visions Blue Lotus Elixir


Blue Lotus, hand picked from Sri Lanka, guides us to our own personal truths. An ancient plant of Egypt, the Mediterranean, and later the Far East, Blue Lotus has been used for thousands of years in ceremony and temple ritual.

In Egyptian history, the blue lotus flower, technically a lily, is considered the first specimen to arrive form the "primordial abyss" and thus has incredibly significant power in ancient mystery schools. Not only a symbol found in hieroglyphs and statues, it is believed to have been a powerful entheogen for ceremony in the occult temple rituals.

Blue Lotus contains nuciferan (a natural anti-spasmodic) and aporphine, both naturally occurring compounds which help clear the subtle body and link the right and left hemispheres of the brain, or the analytical and intuitive mind. It's relaxed euphoric effects works as a powerful gateway to higher states of consciousness.


California Poppy, a cousin to opium poppy (papaver somniferum) is clinically studied to help relieve long-term mental and physical tiredness (neurasthenia), nerve pain, blood vessel problems, offers deeply calming sedative effects.

Vervain, a well known and powerful nervine aids in relieving depression and mood swings. It does so by releasing neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin, aiding in feelings of bliss and relaxation.

Saffron, the world's rarest spice throughout the ages, has be a medicine, aphrodisiac, and ancient ritual offering for almost 4,000 years. Today we know that is boosts the immune system with its powerful antioxidants, increases libido, and balances hormones.


1-3 droppers under your tongue or in your favorite beverage when in need of calming energy for meditation or prayer; best before bed for lucid dream use; or to help direct intuitive guidance and answer questions.

INGREDIENTS: Blue Lotus {whole flower}, California Poppy Seed, Vervain, and Saffron Oil extracted in wildflower honey and brandy (distilled grapes). 

2 fl. oz