Immortal Minerals by Kymia Arts

Immortal Minerals by Kymia Arts


Perfectly balanced in the ratios your cells prefer, Immortal Minerals is a supersaturated solution of the 12 essential Cell Salts required to uphold optimum health. Designed to be a perfect mineral supplement, Immortal Minerals provides your body with the foundations of nutrition, helping to keep you feeling and looking young and healthy.  
•Cellular Nutrition
•Strengthen digestion and microbiome health 
•General Detox
•Immune health
•Liver, Kidney, Brain, Gut, and Heart Support
•Clear and healthy skin
•Increase energy levels and combat fatigue
•Regulate sleeping patterns
•Strengthen hair and nails
•Mitochandrial health 
•Increased cognition, focus, and awareness 
•Elevate mood
•Decrease stress and anxiety 
•Regulate gene expression
How does it work?
Minerals constitute the structure of all life. The Earth is comprised of them, the plants feed on them, and we in turn absorb those nutrients from our foods and environment. Minerals are required to build bones, teeth, hair, and nails. They are needed to synthesis proteins, create organic tissues, transport nutrients, and feed our cells. They are needed for everything to exist, including our minds, and bodies. Minerals are the foundation for health and life at large, making there significance one to never overlook.

Normally, we eat food to extract these nutrients. We also get things like fats, sugars, amino acids, and enzymes from our diet. At the core of all those things, there is a mineral - whether it is in its chemical make-up, or in the creation and activation of those compounds. But, digestion requires energy, and the body has a limited supply depending on the level of nutrition and lifestyle that the individual is engaged in. By skipping the steps of digestion - the breaking down and assimilating of food - your body can be given a direct nutrient that is instantly absorbed. A mineral that does not have to be extracted from a food source is a free form of currency for your body. The intelligence of your organs and cells can then discern how to use these building blocks.

Immortal Minerals takes all of this into account, crafting a perfect solution to give your body what it really wants. The formula is designed to deliver the most absorbable form of minerals we can ever hope to achieve. No energy is required from the body and no intense regimes are needed of the individual. It is simply a matter of consistency in usage. Ultimately it is simple, but the implications are beyond profound. A natural technology to push potentials.

If an individual is sick or aging -even if they are aging well-  they are mineral deficient. So far, that comprises the entire population. To build an authentic foundation of health is to focus on the mineral content of your body. Everyday these minerals are used and depleted. We stack coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, sugar, and a general lifestyle of over-consumption on top of the deficiencies. We age and we decay like it is normal and to be expected.

If you want to know what your potentials truly are, if you're keen to be authentically healthy and whole, then focus on your mineral balance and intake. If you want to clear out the complexity of thoughts that arises when seeking to understand how to do that, then incorporate the Immortal Minerals into your routine.   

​Its a perfect cell salt formula. ​
•Calcium Phosphate
•Calcium Sulfate
•Calcium Chloride 
•Sodium Phosphate
•Sodium Sulfate
•Sodium Chloride•Potassium Phosphate
•Potassium Sulfate
•Potassium Chloride
•Magnesium Chloride
•Orthosilicic Acid
​•Organic Sulfur ​