Belly of the Sun Botanical Ghees

Belly of the Sun Botanical Ghees



12 oz Jars

Founded on the ethos that food is medicine, Belly of the Sun aims to enhance your own kitchen apothecary with her small-batch, handmade creations.

Ghee has a rich history of use in the Ayurvedic tradition of healing originating in India. It is used as medicine and as a lubricating, gut-supporting, brain-nourishing food, with a propensity for making vitamins, minerals and other nutrients more bioavailable.

It is revered as a perfect carrier for deeply receiving the benefits of our mushroom and plant allies.

Handcrafted from a local source of organic cultured butter, generously shared from pasture-raised cows. 


* =  organic ingredients 

• Land and Sea Weeds (mineral-rich, nourishing, grounding): Handcrafted ghee,* stinging nettle,* dulse,* ginger* & onion*

• Inner Beauty (blood-nourishing, beautifying, antioxidant-rich, heart chakra): Handcrafted ghee,* rose,* he shou wu, hibiscus* & raw tualang tree honey 

• Dope + Shroomy Cocoa (adaptogenic, mood, immune support, pleasure, cognition): Handcrafted ghee*, cacao,* mucuna pruriens,* 5 dual-extracted mushrooms: reishi*, chaga*, lions mane*, turkey tail* + cordyceps* & raw local honey*

• Golden Ghee (vitality, immunity, liver support): Handcrafted ghee*, turmeric* & black pepper* 

 • Savour (immune support, digestive support, remembrance): Handcrafted ghee*, shiitake mushroom,* garlic,* lemon peel* & rosemary* 

 • Kava Moon (moon-time support, aphrodisiac, relaxing): Handcrafted ghee*,  kava*, ginger*, raw local honey*, cinnamon*, & vanilla*

Shelf life: consume within 3 months of opening and store in a cool, dark area; refrigeration is not necessary but does extend the expiration date by 3 months!

Crafted with organic ingredients and Love in the Sierra Nevada foothills of CA (unceded Nisenan territory).