Feral Fungi, Cordyceps Spagyric Tincture

Feral Fungi, Cordyceps Spagyric Tincture


Cordyceps promotes healthy oxygenation and natural energy levels, as well as healthy kidney and liver function. It has been traditionally used to promote strength and as an aphrodisiac in Asia. Cordyceps has been shown to promote vitality and stamina.

Cordyceps Helps to Support:

  • Healthy energy levels
  • Healthy circulation and oxygenation of cells
  • Kidney and adrenal health
  • The body's ability to cope with oxidative stress
  • Healthy sugar metabolism
  • The body's innate immune system
  • The body’s natural ability to promote healthy, normal cell growth
  • A healthy inflammation response 

Product Ingredients: 

Cordyceps (Cordyceps militaris) Fruit Body, Purified Mineral Salts, Distilled Water, & Organic Cane Alcohol

All mushrooms are ethically wild-harvested or cultivated in North America.