Feral Fungi, Chaga Maple Syrup

Feral Fungi, Chaga Maple Syrup


Chaga Maple Syrup - 8oz (250ml)

Our Chaga Maple Syrup is made with pure Organic Maple Syrup and a concentrate of our Chaga Spagyric Tincture. That's it. This simple concoction is packed with over 80 grams worth of fresh Chaga.

The lightly bitter and notes of vanilla from Chaga compliment the sweet maple taste and makes the perfect addition to any cup of coffee, smoothie, pancake, or anything else you can think to add syrup to.

What we know as Chaga is technically the Sclerotia of the fungi, and it has a specific relationship with birch trees. This mushroom has become renowned for its use in supporting the innate function of the immune system and assisting the body with oxidative stress.

Chaga Helps to Support:

  • The body's ability to cope with oxidative stress
  • The body's natural ability to regulate blood pressure
  • The body's ability to protect itself from damage caused by harmful chemicals
  • A reduction in our exposure to harmful microbials
  • The body's innate immune system
  • The body’s natural ability to promote healthy, normal cell growth
  • A healthy inflammation response


Product Ingredients: 

Organic Maple Syrup & Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) Fruit Body Extract