Codes of the Muse, Aphrodite Nectar Balm

Codes of the Muse, Aphrodite Nectar Balm


Aphrodite's Nectar Balm is a gift from the goddess herself. Here to increase pleasure & reduce pain, we have a little pot of nectar to encourage sensuality, honor the gift of pleasure, and worship the cosmic love that the body holds.

The tasty Nectar Balm gives edible lubrication for increased sensitivity for arousal with self or other(s). Imbued with love from Cali sun-grown Santa Maria Extract, you will feel the subtleties of touch and connection, without the head-space high of smoking or ingesting.

Made in a yummy base of cacao butter and coconut oil, sweetened with stevia, infused with loads of aphrodisiac herbs and high notes of rose, nutmeg and almond oil, it is not only delicious, it's your best friend in bed.

Nectar Balm creates a softening effect on the body allowing open passageways and more connection. It's wonderful on the nipples, lips, and safe to use internally so that plants allies can help you relax and receive.

This medicine also supports an easeful Moon Cycle with hormone balancing, cramp relief & bloating reduction herbs

For men, Nectar Balm supports virility & endurance in pleasure and play thanks to our stamina enhancing plant friends horny-goat weed & schisandra berry, known and well-tested libido lifters.

2 oz