Mythic Medicine Yerba Santa Elixir

Mythic Medicine Yerba Santa Elixir


It's not named "Holy Herb" for nothing!

Yerba Santa is a plant ally useful for supporting healthy respiration. The Yerba Santa Elixir has been carefully formulated to promote clear lungs. 

The leaves are resinous and sticky, and this elixir contains much of that medicinal resin. Shake it before using it to disperse these particles throughout the bottle.

Ingredients: Wildcrafted Yerba Santa leaves (Eriodictyon californicum), Everclear, spring water, raw honey

(The resins need a high-proof alcohol to be extracted, hence the Everclear. We then cut the finished tincture with spring water so that you're not just shooting high proof alcohol, and then honey is added in order to make it an elixir).

It is super yummy!!!

Take a dropperful once an hour or whenever you feel it's needed to address your issue. Less for children (use your best judgement).