Spagyric Tinctures by Viine Apothecary

Spagyric Tinctures by Viine Apothecary



Herbal products from VIINE Creations have been crafted with heartfelt care and love by Sharon Leopardi. In regards to her product and process Leopardi says, "they are an expression of my gratitude for the healing spirit of plants, and my desire to nurture health, vitality, and compassion within myself and others."

As an herbalist, Leopardi has meticulously researched and experimented with her herbal preparation methods to maximize the vital potency within the products. In addition, by weaving her background as a professionally trained Vibrational Astrologer, she has astrologically timed all parts of the process. She has had a hand in growing and tending all of the herbal allies involved in the products in an organic and regenerative manner. 

What is a Spagyric Tincture? 

Within an Alchemical philosophy, there exists Three Philosophical Principles that maintain the entire manifestation of Matter: Sulfur, Mercury, and Salt. Sulfur can be related to Spirit, Mercury to the Soul, and Salt to the Body. A Spagyric process is one of separating out, and then purifying each of these principles into a more stable, lasting, essential, and/or elegant form. This is followed by re-merging each of these purified principle parts into one form: The Spagyric. This process is a tangible physical one that can be applied to purifying and enhancing the healing and essential nature of plants. It is also a metaphorical process through which the Alcemical practitioner undergoes transformation and metamorphosis into their own more purified, potent, and true nature.

Fresh Seed Tinctured in house-made cane alcohol. Shake well!